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Web Design

TGCS develop and build dynamic and optimized websites that will assist you transmit your business ideas and carry out your strategies...

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Hosting & Security

TGCS Inc., provides an affordable hosting service that is first to none. Our hosting services are custom tailored to your site to help optimize resources...

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TGCS is expert in data driven website development. Customer experience is our most important focus while developing you store!

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Who We Are
Tawassi Group is dedicated to providing the state of the art in Technology, Business Founded in 2006 and registered is 2011, Tawassi Group Consultancy Services – TGCS Inc. is created by professionals with many years of experience in business management, technology, logistics, financial control.....

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Our Values
Your success is our pride!
Teamwork and client focus
Sense of Ownership and Urgency
Agility and Good Performance – Your satisfaction is our priority!

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What is Your Story?
Let's Build It Together

Hire us today to start working on that great idea your business have been talking about for a while now.

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Analytics Services

Financial Control

Risk Assessment & Control

Data Science

Financial Risk Management
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Data Science

Data analysis is so essential in business decision making process that it should have a precedence on any other priorities once your business is stablished and up running. Having a comprehensive data management and analysis strategy is crucial in today's business ecosystem. Hire us to start working on you data strategy today!

Data Governance

Either you decide to go with an already existing application or want TGCS Inc., to build your data environment, we will work with you in order to come up with a blue print that will optimize your operation and help your departments have the necessary data at their fingertips for analysis purpose. You can only manage what you can quantify.

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