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Creative Strategy

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Business Analytics

Knowing where you stand compare to the market and the competition is essential for your organization’s strategy. TGCS will work with you to develop your company’s navigation dashboard by auditing your operations and coming up with recommendations in form of SWOT analysis to help you strengthen the areas that constitute weak link for your organization’s success while improving the areas in which you excel.

Balance Scorecard

Balanced scorecard is a management approach that consists of taking a holistic view of an organization and coordinates all the Metric Driven Incentives (MDI) so that efficiency and effectiveness of the organization is experienced by all the departments in a linked and cohesive style. To come to the balanced scorecard, your organization needs to have a strategy in place and use the balanced scorecard as the strategy execution tool. To accomplish the growth objectives and come up with the proper MDIs, we will help you build a strategy map that will take in to account your organization’s

The strategy will be developed by integrating all the aspect of your organization: Employees learning and development, operations structure and innovation, your organization’s image, the customers’ satisfaction, the organization’s value proposition to its clients and the financial objectives. Based on the detailed information we will develop a detailed strategy that will suit your organization and foster growth.

Business Consulting

Tawassi Group is committed to helping businesses and new start-ups by providing the necessary advice couple with business experience needed in setting up a new and competitive business. Our services include:
Business development advisory services
writing a winning business plan
business operations improvement and process design
procurement outsourcing.

We measure our performance by getting good results at your organization, and we know that an organization must react very quickly to the market changes if it is to be successful; this is the primary key for today’s market trend. Your satisfaction is our highest mission!

Based on balanced scorecard and performance management, TGCS strategic planning solution will guide you on how to transform your intangible asset into valuable and profitable assets. TGCS will help with strategic planning, cash flow planning, cost control and transformation, budgeting, new product introduction systems and launch, logistics and transportation systems, process development, inventory management, production planning, business performance metrics and reporting. Consult our products packages for an affordable management combination of the precedents.