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Data Strategy

Any business success relies on good management and any management relies on data to plan, strategize and make decision. Database is so essential in business decision making process that it should be one of the first things to think about when establishing your business. Your customers list, you suppliers list, product categories, inventories level and sales data are very important. Understanding this necessity guided TGCS to develop a great team ready to help you with any data project, data issues and challenges your organization may have or is willing to tackle. We are proficient in Access database, Mysql and oracle database (Essbase, Smart View, and Business Object) design administration and management. Work with our team to mine the potential out of your data bank.

Financial Control

A business cannot exist without a real Financial Control and Reporting structure that can help you have visibility in your organization’s financial health and performance. Our group is ready to help you develop a sound Financial Control and Reporting structure, acquire affordable financial packages and train your employees on accounting and financial good practice and standards, help you develop Key Financial Performance Indicator (KFI) vital for your organization, and give you guidance on how to keep a well-balanced Financial Control Framework to profit the organization.

Risk Analytics

A strong Financial Reporting and Analytic is the backbone of any strong business management. Our group is ready to work with you in developing sound and strong Financial Control and Reporting couple with risk assessment and modeling environment. Either you are a buy or sell side organization, a financial services company, a boutique, or other types of organization willing to have a better visibility in your portfolio performance, TGCS will work with you on numerous Financial and Risk management models and analytics that will assist you foster your decision making process and make a better management decision.

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Data Mining

Data Mining is used by people involved in strategy development and tactical decision making, by line-of-business and product managers responsible for sales growth, cost transformation initiatives, and new value propositions. Data mining is used to gain insights and better understanding of the company's performance, the competition, to explore new customer niche, or untapped customer segments for opportunities, to support product & service positioning and pricing decisions, and to perform various analysis. Data mining technics are highly used in financial and risk management to treat data for assets valuation and risk models development. Structural and predictive models heavily rely on data mining for better performance. Data mining is highly important in other customer oriented strategy such as customer acquisition, retention and needs identification. Work with our experienced data mining team to meet your data strategy, put that dormant data to use, to better understand your business, and increase your return on investment - ROI.

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